Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Martys Birth Story....

So Im going to attempt to write Martys birth story, which begins when I was 31 wks pregnant...

At 31 wks, I started bleeding, why, no one really knows....probably, stress and dehydration...so I was placed on bed rest for 5 days....the worst 5 days ever! If you have never been on bed rest, pray that you are not placed on bed rest....it sucks! after 5 days I hadnt dilated at all, and I was taken off of bed rest...but still on pelvic rest (which means none of the fun stuff...honestly wasnt that fun for me then anyway).

I was still in the dark about my baby shower @ 34 wks (note to any one throwing a baby shower...hold it earlier then that so the Momma to be does not feel like a complete cow and actually has time to wash and put stuff away), when my cousin in law spilled the beans, at the end of the week she would see me at my baby shower and she was so excited! So the night before my baby shower ( a friday) I was sick of being pregnant....like so sick of being pregnant, ( I was going to be released from it on monday, anyway) I broke my pelvic rest for McDonalds (I had been craving it, and with gestational diabetes, you shouldnt have it), the rest of the night I contracted nothing steady, they'd go from 4 min to 8 min to
6 min, to 20 min....so I drank lots of water....oh mind you when I say contractions think of the mildest menstrual cramps youve ever had and those were my contractions....so I could barely sleep the night before my baby shower, I woke up early and I think did stuff around the apt. and made brownies for the mother/daughter lunch that wa
s the cover for my baby shower ( seriously, it was supposedly an event at church, and it wasnt even announced during church...I was kind of on to it before said cousin in law spilled the beans, so I took a dessert to my own babyshower...nice right, 35 wks preggo, baking chocolate brownies that made me nauseated). So what I didnt tell Dan was I was having regular contractions every 15 min, I just thought it was the excitement I was feeling, and was going to make it to that baby shower come hell or high water....

So I go, and while contracting I sit for 2 hrs (maybe ev
en longer) opening presents....I mean, today was the first time I went to go get diapers, and even those were bought with a gift card....I didnt even know half the people there and was very overwhelmed (also another note, if you know the momma to be has anxiety, and the meds she is on level her out, but dont make her, herself...dont invite 60-70 some odd people to the baby shower, especially if she doesnt know most of the people....all the presents were great and greatly needed!...dont get me wrong...just if your going to have that many people there...make sure the momma isnt going to be 35 wks pregnant). So
that night I was beat....and overwhelmed by the mess in my living room....I wanted to start going through stuff cause I wasnt even sure of what I had....but I was soooo tired. So with lots of water, I put myself on bedrest for the rest of the night....

The next day was Fathers Day, I was still pretty tired....but managed to get my butt to church...and then went out to lunch with my parents....I was having contractions but not consistently....so that night we go out to my in laws for a fathers day cookout.....looking back now...Im pretty sure my water broke then...but it was just a trickle, and Id never been through it before...so how was I suppose to know....I thought
I had peed myself....and my contractions really werent different then....so we went home, and I wa
s alittle keyed up for some unknown reason....so I sat down on the floor ( so I didnt have to lean over when I created my piles of clothes, and stuff to return) and I start taking tags off of clothes so I can wash them, and I start making piles of stuff to return....around midnight, I get up and go to the bathroom, and I look at my underwear and its
wet, and it doesnt smell like pee...and its sticky....and Im pretty sure my water broke, so I tell dan Im getting a shower ( cause I figure its going to b
e the last relaxing one for awhile) and while in the shower I have a few contractions that felt harder then the other ones I had been having....so I get out of the shower and go and sit by dan in the dining/computer room....and I just sit there for a good 5 min....meanwhile Dans trying to get me to tell him whats wrong....and so finally I tell him, I think my water broke....and that was it....Dan was out of his chair and getting dressed very quickly....Thankfully after I was allowed off of bedrest I had the sense to pack each of us a bag, so I told Dan where that stuff was, and he grabbed it all, while I grabbed last minute stuff...on th
e way to the hospital Dan called triage to let them know we were on the way....I was lead back to the triage room, and they do the routine, questions, and tell me to change into a gown and pee in a cup.... finally around 1, I was seen and they tested the fluid, and it came back positive for amniotic fluid, and @ 2
am, I was admitted for the long haul....because it wasnt known whether or not I had group b strep I was placed on intravenous antibiotics (which sucked, and burned big time!) I was also given fluids, since I would be given pitocen to help speed up the contractions....and I was still on the fence about an epidural. So Dan and I hunk
ered down, and Dan actually got some sleep, whil
e I tried to nap, but it didnt work, with all the sounds, and being hungry, and nervous, sleep was the last thing I could do...so I watched tv.....
So around 6 or 7 am, Dan calls both sets of parents to let them know Ive been admitted, but not to come up yet cause it doesnt make sense to do so....
At around 10 am, I ask for an epidural...I was having difficulty talking through contractions, and by the wayhave I mentioned how much pitocen sucks! Dan tried to get me to hold his hand through contractions but I was really scared Id break his hand, I was gripping the arm rails that hard. I am told its going to be about an hr before the anesthesiologist will be able to come to my room....which sucked but I could do it....then 10 min later Marty's heart rate dropped, and out of no where theres a ton of nurses and drs telling me to do this and that, and before I know it Im being rolled to the OR. Scariest moment of my life....I was terrified, and no one was explaining what was going on to me just doing stuff to me....oh by the way, being given a catheter with pain medication totally sucks and hurts really bad ....finally one dr grabbed my hand and explained that I felt cold, and was shivering from the medication I was given to stop my contractions and if I relaxed and stopped fighting the shivers the shivers would stop....and he also explained why I was rolled into the OR and that Dan was outside the room waiting to come in....when the dr went to walk away, I clung to his hand because he was the only one to acknowledge me....finally Dan was allowed in, I dont remember what we said to each other, or anything I just remember being so glad that if I was going to have to have a csection, that he was going to be able to see our baby being born.
Finally they tell us his heart rate had returned to normal and that I would be going back to my room and getting my epidural sooner than I thought. Sitting upright with a catheter....hurts really bad...the epidural itself...was so awesome....I was able to sleep a bit...my parents came up, as did Dan's, and a few other family members. I did have to have the epidural backed off a bit because I hated not being able to move my legs myself....so Dan and I passed the time by sleeping (Dan by eating), watching tv, watching shows on my brother in laws laptop, and by chatting with people on facebook.
So I was at 3 cm, at that point, and was there for a long time, I think around 6 I was finally 4 centimeters.
Around 8pm, I start feeling window pain, and its unbearable, so I am checked and finally at 6 centimeters, I teared up so grateful to be making progress. So I am told, you could be at 6 centimeters for awhile or you could go quickly...well t
here was no way I was going to be suffering with window pain if I was going to be at 6 centimeters for a while. So the anesthesiologist, comes in, and I sit up...not as painful this time....and the catheter for the epidural is re-threaded, and Im given more medication...and then I lay back down....my nurse starts taking my vitals, and all of a sudden I feel like I need to poop, I tell her this and she asks if I need to push and I said "I dunno, I feel like if you put a bed pan under me and I pushed Id poop....so she got the dr in and in the 20 min-30 min it took for the epidural, I went to 10 while sitting up....So NICU made its way to the room, and Dans dad was there talking with them, and I was told to start pushing....really wasnt that bad.... of course I couldnt feel anything and couldnt move my legs on my own....3 pushes per
contraction 5 contractions later, Marty was born. Of course I dont cry how beautiful he is...I cry he has big hands and feet...and how he's going to be a football player....so Dan cut the cord, and Marty was whisked away to the isolet...

The first person to hold Marty (besides the dr) was my mom....which I wasnt too happy about...I hadnt even had a chance to hold him yet....but as soon as she found out, she brought him over to me...he was the most beautiful baby I had ever seen!
Overall I was in the hospital for 4 days, labor and healing time....Marty stayed an extra day....which is a story for another day....I was heartbroken, and lost to say the least....but now hes a healthy, happy soon to be 3 month old!


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