Sunday, March 14, 2010

10 things you may or may not know or may nto want to know about me....

Im stealing this from Dawnie! Though my life is no where near as interesting as hers has been....

10. As an infant I turned 2 months old in the hospital, I had bacterial spinal menagitis. To drs and my family, I am a mircale child, because for being so little I should not have survived. My parents were and still are realitively over protective of me because of this....and until recently I did not understand why. After I healed from that, I havent had an IV in me until this past recent hosptial visit.

9. During my senior year of high school I was a cheerleader for the winter season. Which was always ironic to me and my family because I always made fun of cheerleaders....needless to say...when college is on the line youll try just about anything to get the scholarships. I also played on the badmittion best friend at the time and I were actually pretty good.

8. I like to cross-stitch, especially when Im feeling anxious because it gives my mind something to focus on other than the fact I cant seem to calm down.

7. I can cook, I dont always like or want to though. My husband recently said he married me under false pretenses because I always claimed that I couldnt....well, to be honest I never realised I could until I started....and for the most part most of what I make turns out pretty good...even though I only know a few easy recipes...

6. Ive struggled with my weight and self esteem for most of my life. In high school, I was probably boardline anorxic, I would only eat dinner because we ate as a family and my parents would realise something was up if I didnt eat. I thought I was fat and over weight for my height and age at the time, though looking back on those pictures I wish I could go back to being that tiny again. Once this little guy makes his appearance I am going to bust my butt ti get back into shape...this time without starving myself. As far as my selfesteem goes, I put on a pretty good front for my friends, but as I look back I realised had I had the high self esteem I thought I had, or wanted my friends and family to think I had I never would have stayed with the asshole for as long as I did...My husband has helped and still works to help me see my self worth.

5. Speaking of the asshole, another reason why I stayed with him for as long as I did was because I felt I had no where to go. The month before he kicked me out, I finally started putting together a plan to get out of that unhealthly relationship, with the help of my husband. I realise now all I had to do was to go back to my parents and apologize....but I did not see that then.

4. I have a hard time trusting people and my instincts. Alot of this stems from friend choices Ive made, and instead of standing up for myself Ive allowed them to walk all over me. Recently Ive begun to trust myself again, and to stand up for myself. I know I may not always be the best friend a person could have, but I usually do my best and if I feel Ive been slighted, I try to talk it out with the person first.

3. My best friend and I did not start out on the best of terms, lol. When Aimee and I met it was like mixing oil and water. After having the same guy break our hearts at seperate times, I got over myself and apologised for being a bitch towards her, and we hit off...whats funny is our friend Kayhla also dated this same guy and now the 3 of us girls are all very close friends.

2. My best friend from childhood, Jen, and I lost contact with each our jr year of high school, mainly because I ratted her out to her parents that she was dating a guy that she had been forbidden to date, in an effort to distract my parents from punishing me for a seperate offense(which didnt work)...Our freshman year of college I wrote her a letter apologizing for that, and we began working on becoming friends again.

1. Alcoholism runs on my fathers side of the family. For this reason and this reason alone, I am very careful about my alcohol consumption, though on occassion I drink alittle too much, I generally just want to be left alone so I can sleep. My father, though I dont believe he was an alcoholic, when I was little he was an angry drinker. The last time he's every hit me, I was 12 and he left a bruise on my leg....he's never hit me since, and my mom took me and my sister and left overnight and went to a hotel. When we came back he seemed to snap out of it, and did not drink for a very long time.

and thats 10 things about me.....though I had struggle with stuff you may not have known about me lol.....

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Been Crazy the last few days......

So friday we found out that we will be having a boy....Martin Henry! He didnt want to stay still or move into the right spot for a good shot so heres the best of what we got!

I love how you can see his little belly!!!! :-D

No denying it we're having a boy!!!!

Saturday, we had the bike club over I cleaned the apartment from 8am till 1:30 pm....I take some breaks thats why it took so long......then we went ice skating with the club for our club brothers foster daughters birthday....Well dan ice skated I sat and laughed at them....about an 1hr into it I started feeling really sick.....came home, had diahrea.....went to sleep, woke up threw up, got diahrea again, then my stomach starting cramping and hurting, drank some water threw it up, got diahrea because of the pain and not being able to keep fluids down Dan took me to the ER 2:30 in the morning.....I didnt get seen till 4:30am, they hooked me up to an IV and gave me fluids and zofran.....just as they were about to release me, my stomach starting hurting again, so they gave me what I thought was more zofran.....nope Reglan.....which Im allergic to evidently, and it caused me to have the mother of all anxiety attacks....I freaked out! I pulled the pressure cuff, and pulse ox thing off....and I was begging them to take my IV out and let me go home.....evidently I was screaming, kicking, and hit Dan pretty hard when he was trying to keep me in my bed, finally they gave me benadryll and once that kicked in I was pretty exhausted and apologetic.....I gave Dan quite a scare be honest, I remember bits and pieces of what happened....but I dont remember hitting Dan, he said I slugged him pretty hard....that I hit as hard as a man at that point in time. My arm where the iv was is pretty sore though :-(.....Dan called my parents and they came did his mom.....I was given 3 more bags of fluids before being released.....and now im chest hurts, my arm hurts, so we'll see how I feel far ive kept rice down, and crackers....and im hoping this bake potato i just ate stays put....


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