Saturday, May 29, 2010

an explanation of everything....

So for the bed rest...Marty tried to make an appearance early on Thursday.....I started to bleed...went by ambulance to Franklin Square Womens Pavilion, evidently I was having contractions....which I didn't feel until the bleeding had started...but his heart rate was good and he was very active through out the whole ordeal....they aren't entirely sure what started the bleeding or contractions....and it could have been any number of things....dehydration, stress, or I could have been contracting and not feeling it and the bleeding was caused by Im on bed rest till at the very least Tuesday...and as long as nothing has changed Im allowed to go on short trips out...or to someone else's house for a change of scenery....but no working or long we shall see...the spotting I have had since Thursday has all been dark brown which is indicative of dried no worries there...and Ive had very little cramping since as well...I do have gestational diabetes...which is being controlled by my diet....and I started an antidepressant which has been a huge help! I'm still up set with my sister....I love her very much...but after all the crap she put me through and how much she had been saying shes sad she wont be here for Marty's birth, then for her to not be coming back till March 2012 is a little insane...Maybe Im being selfish but its ridiculous....oh well gotta go cya!

Friday, May 28, 2010

I also forgot to add

for now Im on bedrest...and Ive been put on 25mg of zoloft which has been a huge help so far!

alittle ticked

So when my sis first found out I was preggo, she got really mad because she wouldnt be present for the birth of Marty cause she would be in Africa....made a huge stink over it...and left my wedding early to go work out too...Now shes staying in Africa for another year.... originally he would have been around 6 months old by the time she got to meet he'll be over a year and half old....its crap...and it really pisses me off that she put me through that much stress and guilt before she left, when now shes going to stay....knowing that our grandparents health is deteriorating, knowing that shes going to miss out on even more of her nephews life...I feel like her behavior is selfish...and maybe Im being hormonal but its bullshit. Plus knowing Im on bedrest probably not the best time to tell me conisdering Im suppose to be limiting stress....god this sucks Im not even tired....because Im so annoyed....

Monday, May 10, 2010


SO yesterday was Mothers Day...which was nice....spent the day with my family....then we went to Dans parents house and spent time with his mom....while there though, Dans mom asked me to look at a project of Racheals that she is to turn into tomorrow (its from her teacher education courses in high school)....mind you its already 2 weeks she brings up what she says is her project...well I had no clue of what I was looking at so I asked for the directions, so she goes and gets the directions....on the directions it says to use the same that the teacher gave them to guide their work, ....well on the paper she handed me and said was her project looked very professional, almost like something I would have found in a curriculum guide when I was student teaching or long term subbing...but she's a smart girl, so I gave her the benefit of the doubt, I did ask were the sample was that she was to follow and she said that the teacher showed it to them in class, STRIKE ONE, teachers especially those teaching teacher ed classes ALWAYS give a copy of the sample theyve shown, or is very similar to what they expect,...also, there was actual hand writing on top of the typing...which for a final copy seemed alittle strange but ok sometimes it happens, and sometimes teachers arent as strict as they should I asked her, if the paper she gave me and said was her work, if it was the sample the teacher gave them and she said no, so I asked why does it say MLA format at the very top in hand writting...her response" we have to tell the teacher what format we use" seemed odd that she would hand write that in but ok I let it go...I asked her about the other hand written stuff and she said we had to label the types of questions we I told her ok well if I were you I would go back into where you saved this project and type all of this is...I know your only getting partial credit but itll get you all of the points you can get if its all she took her papers, and went back down the basement....I looked at dans mom and said I dont think that was her work, it really looks like something I would have found in a curriculum guide, or had spent at least a week maybe more working could get knocked out in a few hrs but its not going to look that good....( I know, Ive made activites for students last minute, never looks as good as what comes out of the curriculum guide, plus these were high order thinking questions, which most teenagers wouldnt think to put in work (not saying shes dumb shes very smart, but my classmates even while graduating struggled with higher order thinking questions)). So Dans mom calls Racheal up stairs and asks for her computer, Racheal claims she has to use the bathroom and her laptop is down stairs, well then she hops in the bath while in the shower. So we go down the basement...its not there...and I start looking at the requirements for this project more closely...well its mandatory MLA format (which is silly because towsons ed program and they are affiliated with Towson, requires APA but whatever), Strike TWO! Then I looked at where certain things were italicized, that most teenagers, or rushed college students wouldn't italicize, it would all be the same font size everything, but its possible shes that good. Then I looked at the staple on the project....Ive made enough copies to know what a stapler does and what a stapled copy from a copier machine looks there were hole punched holes in the paper...and I looked at Dans mom and said she didnt do this, Im about 99% sure this is the sample her class was given. STRIKE THREE! By this time Rachel is calling for Dans mom and is in tears....her laptop had shutdown and her work is gone....while in the bath she was trying to hurry up and do some of her work, so she wouldn't get into the end of all of the drama, she hadnt done any of the work....which I had kind of figured out when she locked herself in the bathroom, but whatever. Last night I was pretty pissed that she had out right lied to me about that work, now Im annoyed. Did she really think I wouldnt figure out it wasnt her work? That it was worded way to well, and that she had claimed to work on it that day, when her mom said that she hadnt worked on it very long. Did she think that we wouldnt notice the hand writing, which looked more like someone had taken notes on it then a final copy....She tried saying that she was confused by the project, and that it had nothing to do with education anyway....when it had EVERYTHING to do with education, and the beginning of learning how to lesson plan, The directions were VERY self explanatory....she just didnt want to do the work....evidently this lying thing about school work has been going on for awhile and we're all baffled....I think it might be a guy distracting her, my behavior though not as extreme was very similar, Dan thinks possibly drugs or who knows....tonight though Im going over to help her with this project....Im praying she does not give me too much trouble...because I have no patience for that bs, and Ill get in her face if I need too.

Monday, May 3, 2010


for whatever reason was a rough day....the further I get along in my pregnancy the harder my depression and anxiety to the point where I'm considering going on a medication safe for pregnancy but which may not necessarily fully work, just so I feel kind of like my self. I told Dan today, I would take the morning sickness and any other horrible ailments that could come with pregnancy ( and I have not had), if I could just feel like myself the rest of the time....and not feel down, and disconnected. An outsider would probably look at me and say what does she have to be depressed about she's had an easy pregnancy....but I am depressed and anxious...two things that occur with me when not pregnant....and the hormones just add to it and make it worse....but I am very grateful for my husband who does what he can to take care of me and to cheer me up when he can....

Sunday, May 2, 2010


I love WIC....and for this pay period, it saved our butts....where I usually spend around $120.00 I only spent $76, because of the wic checks...granted its a bit of pain....but its worth it...thats all...tired, hot, cranky, the usual third trimester stuff lol....Dan and I start child birth classes this tuesday, then on saturday we have a child care and safety class...should be interesting! tooties are swollen again...this heat kills my feet....


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