Sunday, August 31, 2008

I just realized......

That I never really wrote about my first week of school. Which is a good thing that I waited until now to do so. The kids really are great! We have the typical behavior issues but they don't talk back like the 4th graders do.....we have one boy that will definitely need a woman to keep him on the ball when he grows up cause he's just a space cadet. Than we were informed by the parent of one of the students that oh yeah we were trying our kid without their ADHD meds, but obviously its not working so we need to start them on it shit! Seriously, why would you do that to your kid! If they are on it and actually succeed while on it....why make them suffer, and why put the teachers through that....we werent informed about that need until friday.... so the poor kid had a bad week because its parents decided to choose that week for them to go with their meds.....grrrr! Besides that it was an interesting week and a great begining of the year.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh What A Night.......

Last night was awesome! When I look back on my 20's I really hope that, that night is ingrained in my memory. Jen and I met up with her friends Dan and Fred (there were suppose to more people there but they decided not to come out) at Max's in Fells. I love the atmosphere of that place! At least upstairs is pretty chill and not too crowded. We just sat around, talked and had a drink. Eventually decided we would go bar hopping but never actually chose a bar to go into so we just walked around Fells Point talked, Jen and I acted like goof balls, I almost ended up on my ass because we were walking on this like wooden deck, and I had flip flops on. Note to self....wet wood and flip flops not a good combo.....Thankfully Jen saved me from falling as I slipped Lol! " Oops I got the boobs!"-Jen, and later that night "Oh that's what you meant when you said you got the boobs, I thought you meant I had grabbed yours"- Me to Jen. "Wait where were we, when you were grabbing her boobs, how did we miss that" - a combination of Fred and Dan.
On the trash can it says big belly...Dan just had to have his picture
taken with it!

So Fred and I played the oh I know them game...and I learned that Fred is the brother to Greg of the ACA (Alcohol Consumption Association, Agency(something like that)).

This week I have also learned that nights like these with other young adults are completely necessary or you will lose your ever lovin' mind while teaching! In fact I think I acted goofier than usual because my brain is becoming mush from dealing with 6,7, and 8 year olds all day, five days a week! So becoming a hermit this semester may not be an option and I hope that Jen keeps me from becoming that hermit! Alright off of here to get a shower and think of whats going on tonight :-D see ya!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Stupid emotions......

So as of late, my emotions have been like a pinball machine....I know Im not pmsing cause i had my period last week. Its been the last several days so i dont know if its the weather is just affecting my mood or if Im already stressing about school and my lessons, or if Im catching something from those kids already. Poor Bobby has caught the brunt of my mood swings too....One minute Im mad about something really stupid the next Im crying cause i realized I flipped out over something dumb. Ive been good and taking my anti-anxiety/depression meds like Im suppose too, I take them at night now cause I realized I was forgetting to take them during the day...and at night if I go to bed without taking them Ill actually get out of bed and go take them. Im starting to think that second graders and student teachers dont mix well or maybe its just me....I suck at time management....thats my biggest problem! I have no idea how much time Im suppose to be giving these kids to do stuff and Im not sure my mentor teacher has much of an idea but shes better at playing it by ear and observing their behavior...I dunno maybe i just need sleep. Well im gonna go chill out now cya!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This ones for you dawn! :-D

Hi Dawn! I realized I hadn't updated since Sunday and that I probably should since I know you (Dawn) are interested in my life lol! Yesterday was the best first day anyone could ask for. Granted it was hectic and confusing...but the kids held in there with us and were wonderful! Today wasn't too bad either, though the kids personalities were really starting to shine through which was neat to see on the one hand than aggravating on the other. I taught my first lesson of the semester today. It was a health lesson....the general idea of it was that just because everyone looks different were all the same on the inside.....which the kids got right off the bat....and than we also covered that its ok to be different (looks, personality, likes, dislikes, talents, etc.) because are differences are what make us special. So it was the feel good lesson of the year. Though I did learn that M&M's and 2nd graders do not mix very well because the kids focused on the M&M's more than they did me. Tomorrow we will cover feelings and how to deal with them....I think....I dunno the days blur together lol....Well thats really it....Im gonna chill out for a bit hopefully go to bed at a decent hour tonight.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Surprise surprise....

My computer room still has not been cleaned up....I have little motivation to do so! So my first week back is over and I still want to be a teacher....its a lot to get a classroom set up in the beginning of the year. Thankfully my mentor teacher had a good bit done before she had even left for summer break. I also learned how teachers learn the names of their students so quickly.....they write the students names on so many items that its hard not to know their names! Tomorrow is the first day that the students are in class.....I'm excited but nervous....I could care less if the kids actually like me, I just hope that they are as well behaved as their previous teachers claim them to be. On Tuesday I will start teaching the first health unit of the school year....its about 10 days long and covers everything from feelings to health care so it should be an interesting two weeks....I can not wait to get to the hand washing lesson....hopefully these kids will realize how important it is to wash their hands so I will not catch their germs! Alright I need to stop procrastinating and finish my lesson plans for the next week.... If I think of anything else Ill up date than! Cya!

Monday, August 18, 2008


Well the computer room has not been cleaned up yet.....but I did start back to school today! My mentor teacher is awesome....the other 2nd grade teachers are awesome! I am beat today though! I am still on a summer time sleep schedule so that should be fun....everyone is really nice though. Today I spent the first part of the day in a very long welcome back faculty meeting. Than the second part of the day I spent cutting out stuff....I think I sat and cut stuff out for about 4-5 hrs probably. Tomorrow while my mentor teacher is at some sort of curriculum meeting I will be sitting and labeling materials all day and than if and when I'm done that I will be helping out where ever needed. Wednesday I will spend the first part of the day at one school learning about the math curriculum and some sort of workshop and than I will be headed back to the school I work with to help setting the class up. So thats really about it I am ridiculously beat right now so I'm gonna go relax....see ya'll later!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The week before.....

Soooo...It's the week before school starts. I go back next week because thats when the teachers go back to school. I still have a lot to do before the semester starts...the biggest of them is to clean up my computer room! I think Ive been putting it off long enough and trash does get put out tonight so maybe ill do it tomorrow!

Some photos of the messy room...
Yes I use a blanket as a curtain....
cause we're ghetto like that

Check back to see the progress....hopefully ill knock it out tomorrow! Till than! Cya!


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