Saturday, February 5, 2011

Huge Update

So in the last few months quite a bit has happened :-)...Marty has celebrated many 1st's!

He has celebrated his first Thanksgiving!

He played Baby Jesus in the Church Christmas Eve Service

He celebrated his Christmas!
He tried blueberries for the first time ( I know previous post said he liked blueberries he actually liked strawberries at that time.
He has learned how to sit up on his own
and how to roll over from front to back and back to front!
(Tummy time is way better now!)

On the same day he learned how to sit up by himself, and roll over from his back to his belly he also cut his first tooth...this kid cant just hit one milestone at a time he has to hit multiple ones lol

He is so funny....he coo's and babble's, and if mama is eating he wants whatever food I have...even if he just finished eating 5 min before hand...he wants my food...

He coughs or says abu for my mom...but the rest haven't received their calling cards yet lol

He smacks his lips to get someones attention or to call the dogs over :-)

Dan has really stepped up his game with helping out around here and with Marty and I doubt he has any clue to how much it means to me! If Im trying to get Marty's stuff ready to get out the door, he'll change his diaper and do anything else to make my life easier.

I also think I know what was causing the low sex drive, and migraines, and a whole list of other side effects....Depo....The Depo shot is finally wearing off and I'm on Mireana now, and Ive been having less migranes, and even if my sex drive still isn't where it was, its getting better... definitely should have gone and been switched over sooner....

Dan is still trying to lose weight for the Marine's, and I think at the very least he may join the reserves and be a weekend warrior....which is fine by me....I want him to see Marty as much as possible!

The apt is slowly getting back into working order....I dont know if its the hope of Spring coming early, or if Im finally fully recovered from giving birth, but Im starting to feel lots better 7 months later, and having the energy to get stuff done around here!

Well I believe my little munchkin man may be lets see whats good for play time!


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