Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Im bored

Im bored...so I figured Id blog....

14 wks and 1 day

I am now 14 weeks and 2 days along in this pregnancy....Occasionally....Ill feel bubbles or flutters...usually on days when im not thrilled about being pregnant and it makes me feel special that my little one knows when momma's spirits need to be lifted and reminded about what an important task Ive undertaken....

In other news....Dan and I move into our apartment in 5 days! I cannot wait! I know we are forever indebted to the Wiggins who have been so kind to open up their house to us while in this in between stage....But Im ready to be able to spread out....and be close to my friends and family once again!

Once we get settled into our new place....Im having a girls evening at the apartment, so my friends with kids, and who are preggo can all come out and not worry about babysitters or being out too late and getting tired...thought right now its looking like it may be a girls afternoon on a sunday.....

1 comment:

A.V.A said...

So cute! Congrats!


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