Wednesday, September 29, 2010


I was pretty frustrated till I talked to my friend Kayhla and realized my husband isnt the only one in the world you have to nag to get things done...or doesnt see things that need to be done...or expects me to work, fix dinner, take care of the baby, and take care of the home....but wants my mom to watch the baby on his day off so he can sleep....oh and Im able to do most of that stuff while Im sick...the only one I didnt do was work because I was pretty miserable and having difficulty breathing the night before... I feel like Kay says it best:

its amzing how their minds work

i dont get it. they want you to be a 2010 working mom, but a 1950's housewife at the same time

just frustrated....because we've been going to this marriage seminar and I feel like all its done is given him permission not to help out unless he's asked to....its like he tuned out the part that said...hey you help out without being asked your more likely to get some....if you take some of the weight off your wife's shoulders, shes less drained and more likely to put out! Not a hard concept...especially if you wanna get lucky...Im more willing to put out if I dont have to nag you to do shit around the apt....seems pretty easy to get....but I guess its not...Ok maybe Im still pretty pissed....but I feel alittle better now...

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Dawn B said...

Oh Cassie, I AGREE 1000%!!! It's exactly true.. we have to be the new working, "go get'em" mom and the housewife all at the same time. And Rick will kill me for this (but he knows it's true LOL) they also want us to be a mom to them.. sounds strange but it's true.
Like your friend said, if they'd alleviate some of this weight we'd have the energy to have sex. SO FUCKING TRUE. I've actually said this to rick and it works for a day and then he's back to "oh I'm tired..oh I don't feel well..oh this ..that".


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