Saturday, August 30, 2008

Oh What A Night.......

Last night was awesome! When I look back on my 20's I really hope that, that night is ingrained in my memory. Jen and I met up with her friends Dan and Fred (there were suppose to more people there but they decided not to come out) at Max's in Fells. I love the atmosphere of that place! At least upstairs is pretty chill and not too crowded. We just sat around, talked and had a drink. Eventually decided we would go bar hopping but never actually chose a bar to go into so we just walked around Fells Point talked, Jen and I acted like goof balls, I almost ended up on my ass because we were walking on this like wooden deck, and I had flip flops on. Note to self....wet wood and flip flops not a good combo.....Thankfully Jen saved me from falling as I slipped Lol! " Oops I got the boobs!"-Jen, and later that night "Oh that's what you meant when you said you got the boobs, I thought you meant I had grabbed yours"- Me to Jen. "Wait where were we, when you were grabbing her boobs, how did we miss that" - a combination of Fred and Dan.
On the trash can it says big belly...Dan just had to have his picture
taken with it!

So Fred and I played the oh I know them game...and I learned that Fred is the brother to Greg of the ACA (Alcohol Consumption Association, Agency(something like that)).

This week I have also learned that nights like these with other young adults are completely necessary or you will lose your ever lovin' mind while teaching! In fact I think I acted goofier than usual because my brain is becoming mush from dealing with 6,7, and 8 year olds all day, five days a week! So becoming a hermit this semester may not be an option and I hope that Jen keeps me from becoming that hermit! Alright off of here to get a shower and think of whats going on tonight :-D see ya!

1 comment:

Dawn B said...

Dude! I haven't been to Max's is SO LONG.
Yeah, you deserve to have fun like that as often as possible. Boobs grabbed or not.


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