Sunday, September 14, 2008

I Love teaching....

second grade!!!!! I actually look forward to going into school everyday and finding out what crazy thing the kids will say or do next lol. Typically by the end of the day I'm irritated by the students but that's just because I'm exhausted. But by the time I get home, or by the next day I'm ready to see the kids again.

So funny things that have happened:
1. I couldn't figure out why one of my students kept calling me Mrs. Hickey, I explained to her that I'm not married so I'm a Ms. but she insisted that I was I asked to who, and she said "that guy that picked you when you left half a day", that guy is one of my classmates, and there's NO way I'd even date him let alone marry him!
2. My kids watch way too much TV and here's why: While going over vocabulary for a story they would be reading one of the vocabulary words was diet. One kid busts out with: Diets dont work, and right after that kid two says: But weight watchers does!
I nearly peed myself when they said that! lol
3. These kids also like to repeat things that their parents say, during that same Vocab lesson one of their vocabulary words was Dairy, and so my mentor teacher was getting the studnets to label foods that go in the dairy group. One of the little girls said: "I know cheese is good for you but if you too much of it, it can really bind you up!" I was nearly on the floor with that one....I mean who expects to hear a second grader to say! lol

My Students are also really sweet!
1. One little boy always asks me and my mentor teacher if theres anything he can do before he leaves to go home.
2. After I picked up the students from gym one day I felt a poke on my stomach, I looked down to scold the culprit, to find that this little was giving me the sticker she had earned that day!
3. Most of the time the students will congratulate each other for a job well done, which is so endearing and a great way to build up a closeness between the students!

Well I have lots to do in order to be prepared for tomorrow and the following day so If I think of anything else Ill let ya know!

P.S. HI DAWN!!!!! :-D

1 comment:

Dawn B said...

Well hello there! ;)
Thank goodness there ARE sweet kids out there!!! And I'm still laughing about the Weight Watchers comment. Oh my gosh!! Smart kids too.


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