Tuesday, February 23, 2010

R.I.P. Shelli

So...My friend Mike's wife passed away last night.....the details are fuzzy with what happened....her father said that it looks like she choked, but its not known for sure....

Its not fair....She would have turned 26 today....her and Mike were trying to have a baby...and I have idiot friends saying that they think she committed sucide because of her Fibromyalgia....I didnt know Shelli very well but what I do know of her, is that she was not the type of person to be so selfish as to do such a thing....She wouldnt do that to Mike.

My heart breaks for him.....I cant imagine, loosing my bestfriend, my husband....Im actually angry that anyone would suggest she killed herself.....

Ive been struggling with it all day....like to the point, where my depression is acting up.....
I dunno....its been crazy....

Also I just had a panic attack over the fear my husband could possible not come home tonight like Shelli :-*(

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