Monday, November 3, 2008

Great News!

Bobby came home on Friday and it was the reunion I was hoping for.....the last several days have been wonderful! Here's hoping that it can stay this way!

Thursday I went out with my friend Sarah...that was an interesting night.......lets just say I drank on an empty stomach and didnt realize that wasnt a great idea till the next day!

Attempting to play pool....

Looking very serious, while lining up a shot....
Me and Sarah! I was pretty tipsy by this point....
and yet another picture of me attempting to play pool.....
Sarah and I again.....I was GONE!!!!
Some random guy that kept trying to talk to me and I wouldnt give him a chance.....he was weird.....As you can tell by his attempt at dancing here!Not even present lol (couldnt even feel my nose or fingers)

Alright well I am off of here for now.....going to try to keep busy because its 5 am and I havent been to bed and theres no sense in me going now....thankfully theres no kids today at school!

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