Sunday, November 8, 2009

NaBloMo Day 5

Sorry about missing 3 days....I pretty much dropped into bed every night the last few nights exhausted.....

Thursday I subbed in two different classes for a few hours, then I hung out with Dan at work the rest of the night.

Friday I did a ton of running around....dropped Dan off at work, went to daycare and picked up my check, went to the bank, had lunch/dinner with Dan, studied at his work all night, got mc'ds with dan after work then went to bed...

Saturday, woke up early went out to harve de grace for a club function, then went to Bob Evans to celebrate a club brothers foster son's 4th Bday! Then went to another clubs fuction to support another club brothers tattoo stand, and while i was there I got the outline done for my first tattoo

here it is...

If you look at the dolphin on the right it has a fish on its flipper like Dans arm has and the dolphin on the left has eyelashes for me :-)

It hurt so bad! but now im glad I hung in there and soon ill get it filled in once the outlining heals :-)

Alright gotta go laundry is almost dry!

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