Friday, November 20, 2009

Yeah yeah I know I totally suck at...

blogging everyday! So New news, I am now the newest long term substitute at Dundalk High School. For a Family Studies its interesting to say the least. The first day went by in a blur but went well. Friday was another story. My First class is Decisions in Family far not to bad, and its a good group of kids. My second and third classes are both food and nutrition classes....yeah, Ms. I love fast food and funk food, and cant cook to save her life... is teaching Foods and Nutrition....what is up with that? Anyway, these kids range from pleasent to down right iggnorant...and with my temper and relfexive nature to snap back I am in for one heck of a ride so please, Please, PLEASE pray for me with these two classes! My last class is Intro to Human Services. The last two days we have been learning about HIV and AIDS, Here is how our conversation went for about 5 minutes:

Student A: Ms. Hickey, theres this woman and she's 6months pregnat, can you hit
the baby in the head with your thing and could it cause brain damage?

Me: Um, Thats really not an appriopriate question to be asking right now.

Student B: Yes, you can hit the baby in the head and it can cause brain damage.

Student A: Why not we're talking about how HIV and AIDS are spread and we
started talking about sex.

Department head: Yes you can touch the baby while having intercourse, most women
find it uncomfortable during the later months of their pregnacy, and we
are not discussing this any furthur at this time, if you are interested in
this you can take a child development course or ask your parents
any questions you may have.
Needless to say I was very grateful to my department head for saving me from anymore embarrassment. All I could do was laugh at the question and the girl that answered him in sincerity....*Sighs* No wonder there are so many unplanned pregnanceies at this high school....these kids probably think if you have sex in weird postions or in the water you dont need to use protection!

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