Sunday, November 1, 2009


So I decided to do NaBloPoMo which is National Blogging Month because I saw that my friend Dawn was doing it and my loving fiancee has been whining that I haven't blogged much today is day one and my introduction!

Life has been hectic...and I am hoping to have at least some what of a routine with blogging. As of Wednesday I will no longer work for celebree....I enjoy substituting way to much not to do it....and hopefully Ill be able to get my name and face out there to be hired as a teacher! I have exactly 2 weeks before I take Praxis 2.....guess I need to buckle down and start studying again....whooops! lol...

So clocks were set back an hour last night....and here begins my struggle with winter....I hate that it is dark by 6:30pm....if not kills me....I feel like I have no time to do anything during the day, and I begin to feel anxious over everything....the last four or five days Ive felt anxious and have tried to handle it well...and I was alittle confused by how I was feeling but now I understand my body was trying to say "hey, cass pay attention this is the time of year you LOVE HATE!" Im already worrying about the holidays and stressing out about them. I know it seems silly....but being around a ton of people all in one day....not my idea of a good time....but I have Dan this year, and I know he will be able to help me get through it as he always does....

Speaking of Dan, he has started back to work! His foot has been hurting him a good deal, so the physical therapist gave him a walking boot that he wears during work but besides that he has been doing well! ( I love you, BABE!)

Alright...wrote way more then i expected to lol....Time to go Dan should be off of work soon!

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