Thursday, April 2, 2009

I have decided

That having money and being let out of class early is a bad thing for me. I bought my parents easter gifts, A baby shower gift, my cousin's son's birthday gift, and my godson a welcome to the world gift....oh plus twlight the book for me (I gave in....damn). I spent way to much money....but it was soooo worth it lol. I guess some updates are necessary though....

First off this saterday will be 3 weeks since I was kicked out of Bobbys house. 3 weeks since Dan and I had our first offical date, and we've offically been together for 1 week and 3 days :-D!

I realized the other day how well I have handled everything....I mean alot happened the weekend I was kicked out! First I had scrambled to finish my portfolio with help :-). Then I was kicked out, had to wash my clothes to turn around and pack for my trip to Texas...i dunno....I dont know how I didnt flip out....I cried on the saterday I was kicked out and that was it.

Dan has been fantastic though...he's such a sweet guy! I have a hard time believing I deserve such a wonderful guy....I am doing my best to not even start taking him for granted. My heart dances when Im with him....and that is how it is suppose to be....not like a soft tap dance but like full out celebration dancing :-). He makes me feel like I am the most important person in the world to him...and I hope I make him feel the same way because he is to me :-)...

Ok...I still need to post some texas pics but Ill do that at a later time....class now!

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